6th Annual Unity & Service Conference
Jul 09, 5:45 PM PDT – Jul 11, 3:15 PM PDT
Virtual - Online
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Bob D. from Las Vegas, had been putting together conferences that focus on the 12 Steps all across the country. In March of 2012, when Bob D. was speaking at the Love and Service group, Kent D, from Concord, CA mentioned that there was not a yearly conference in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bob said he was way too busy to even think about it for 2 years, but that he had thought about doing a conference on the 12 Traditions and not another one on the 12 Steps.

At the first Woodstock West AA Conference in Los Angeles, CA in September 2014, Kent ran across Bob D. and Bob called out to Kent, “How is it going on that conference on the Traditions”? Till then, Kent didn’t consider himself involved, but his sponsor Tom I. and Polly P. were listening and both suggested it would be a wonderful conference for Kent to get involved with.

Several organizational meetings were arranged after that, and the first Unity and Service Conference was held Labor Day weekend in 2016.

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